Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions regarding various aspects of tenancy with Kamunity Properties. If you do not find an answer to a question you have below, please contact the appropriate office via phone, email, or contact form.


Is there an application fee?


Yes, there is a $30 application fee per tenant.

How much is the security deposit?


The security deposit is dependent on the size of the apartment.


Compact              $1200

One Bedroom     $1200

Two Bedroom     $1700


Do you allow pets?


Birds, indoor cats, and ADA approved service dogs are allowed at our discretion. There is an additional security deposit required on top of the regular security deposit.


Cats & Birds                 $1200

Dogs (ADA approved service only)    $1300


What is the gross monthly income I need to qualify to rent?


The monthly rental cost can not exceed 35% of your gross verifiable monthly income. If it does, a co-signer will be required.



If the rent is $1145 per month, then you must make $3271.43 gross per month to qualify on your own. If you make less than this amount, a co-signer will be required.


Is a parking space included?


While parking spaces are not assigned (except at the Linda apartments), there is one space available for each unit. A parking pass is required to park in the lots, and parking is enforced. We ask that guests please park on the street.


How long does it take to receive my security deposit after I move out?


By law we are required to return the balance due within 21 days. Upon move-in and move-out, the manager will do a walk through of the apartment with you. The amount of the deposit returned to you is directly related to the condition of the apartment upon move-out. The manager is unable to give you a dollar amount at that time. This will be determined by the office staff at Kamunity Properties.


Is there a manager on site?


Yes, there is a manager on site.


What methods of payment are accepted?


We accept cash, check, and money order.


What kind of rental term commitment is required?


We rent on either a month to month basis or a one year lease. 30 days notice is required to move-out.


What utilities are included?


Kamunity Properties pays for water and trash. All units are electric (Shannon apartments requires gas for heating). Tenants are required to pay for electric, and any other additional utility they require such as cable, phone, or gas. All units are setup for cable.


Do you allow satellite service?


Satellite dishes are allowed only within the confines of a rented patio area. If you are considering renting at the Tori/Tori Tu/Tori Tre apartments, Dish Network is available through main satellite dishes located only at those complexes.


Is there extra storage available on site?


No, there is no extra storage available (limited storage at Shannon apartments when available). We would be happy to point you in the direction of local mini storage.