Apartment Rules

1. Office Hours
(a) Office hours are posted on the manager's office door. Please observe these business hours, except in an emergency. (b) There is a drop slot in the office door for rent payments made after office hours.
2. Outdoor Pool Rules (where applicable)
(a) Pool hours are 8:00 a.m. to dusk. Privileges will be revoked by the manager for violations of pool rules or when an eviction notice has been issued. (b) Tenants are allowed the use of the swimming pool at their apartment address ONLY. Manager's permission must be obtained for pool use by guests, which is limited to two (2) guests per apartment. Guests must always be accompanied by the Tenant(s). (c) No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool area. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area. (d) NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY. No children under the age of fourteen (14) are allowed in the pool area unless accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. Persons use the pool at their own risk. Management is not responsible for accidents or injuries to persons or lost, damaged or stolen property.
3. Noise and Conduct
(a) Tenant(s) should respect the rights of each other to peace and quiet enjoyment of his unit. No disturbing noises should be made by use of televisions, radios or stereos. Tenant(s) is responsible for the conduct of guests. (b) No loitering or loud conversations are allowed on the grounds and/or the parking area from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
4. Cars and Parking
(a) Parking is for tenants only. Guests must park on the street. Fire regulations prohibit anyone from parking it) driveways. Violations will result in citations, "tow aways", and/or termination of the tenancy. (b) Automobiles and motorcycles are not to be driven or parked on sidewalks or lawn areas, and any damage from violation of this rule will be charged to Tenant(s). (c) Each unit is allowed one (1) car or motorcycle in the parking area. Parking of boats, campers, trailers and/or
motor homes is prohibited. Washing, maintaining or repairing of vehicles in the parking lots is prohibited. (d) All vehicles must be licensed and in operable condition and free from all fluid leaks.
5. Plumbing Fixtures
(a) Repair or clearance of stoppage of waste pipes, drains, water pipes or plumbing fixtures necessitated by Tenant(s) negligence or improper use will be charged to Tenant(s). Payment is due upon demand. (b) No washers, dryers or dishwashers allowed unless apartment is equipped with pre-existing hook-ups.
6. Refrigerators and Ovens
(a) No object should be used to chip the ice from the freezer. It may cause damage to the freon lines. The cost of repair will be charged to Tenant(s).
7. Smoke Detectors
(a) It is the Tenant(s) responsibility to test the smoke detectors in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions (a copy of which is in the manager's office) to insure that it operates. Tenant(s) is responsible for replacing smoke detector batteries during the tenancy. (b) Do not make the smoke detector(s) inoperative, or remove it (them). Tenant(s) is responsible for any damage, including resulting fire damage. (c) The Tenant(s) will inform the manager immediately, in writing, of any malfunction or failure of the smoke detector(s).
8. Safety
(a) REMINDER KEEP ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS LOCKED. Notify the manager if you leave for any length of time. (b) No belongings, such as bicycles, "big wheels," skateboards, rollerskates, or the like are to be used on the premises or
placed in the halls, stairways, driveways, parking area, sidewalks or other common areas of the building. (c) Children on the premises must always be supervised by a responsible adult.
9. Improvements, Breakage or Damage
(a) Any damage caused by the attachment of articles to the woodwork, walls, floors or ceilings is the Tenants'
responsibility. Do not use glue or tape to hang pictures or other decorations. (b) Tenant(s) is liable for any necessary repairs resulting from damage done during his tenancy to restore the unit to its original condition less items of normal wear and tear.
10. Screens and Windows
(a) Tenant(s) will be charged for the replacement of damaged or broken screens and/or windows.
11. General
(a) Decks, walkways or doorways are to be kept free of all debris. This includes brooms, mops, bags of trash, flowerpots, etc. (b) No towels, clothing, rugs, etc. should be hung from railings. (c) Barbeque and/or hibachi use are not permitted at any time on the second and third floors. Please contact manager for specific designated areas. (d) leave laundry machines clean and free of soap. Dispose of soapboxes, bleach containers, etc. in the trashcans. No pets are allowed in laundry room. Apartment complex not responsible for lost/damaged laundry items. No smoking is allowed in the laundry room. (e) Interior light bulbs are the Tenant(s) responsibility. (f) No wallpaper, posters, or aluminum foil shall be permanently affixed to any interior or exterior surfaces without the manager's prior written approval. (g) The excessive use of nails, screws, mollies and adhesive fasteners is not permitted (5 per room). Damage caused by their use will be charged to the Tenant(s). (h) Rummage sales, garage sales, or flea markets will not be permitted inside, outside, or on the perimeters of the complex.
12. Fumigation
(a) Tenant(s) agree, that if at any time during this tenancy, landlord determines that fumigation of the premises is necessary, and that such fumigation requires Tenants(s) to vacate the premises for a limited amount of time, that tenant(s) shall vacate the premises for the period required to complete fumigation. landlord shall give not less than seventy-two hours written notice to Tenant(s) for the necessity of fumigation and Tenants' vacating of the premises.
13. Refuse Disposal
(a) Trash and debris must not be left outside the unit door and must be disposed of in the proper trash bin receptacles located on the property. (b) No mattresses, furniture, tires, or hazardous materials are allowed in the trash bin area at any time.
14. Requests for Service
(a) All requests for service must be made, in writing, to the Management/Owner. Damage to carpeting, drapes, furniture, plumbing fixes, water lines and drains, electrical equipment and appliances must be reported immediately, to ensure.